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Air Cargo Notes | 15 Feb 2024

Marketing Team

Welcome to this week's edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes, the first and only newsletter focusing on the latest news and insights into the dynamic air cargo market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. This week we are reporting on Uzbekistan Airways to operate flights to Rome, SCAT airline to resume passenger flights to Batumi, and the development of a new multimodal corridor.

Air Cargo Trends

Uzbekistan Airways to initiate flights to Rome (source)

The national carrier to operate regular passenger flights ex Tashkent to Rome once a week using the Airbus 321Neo airplane

The inaugural flight is scheduled for 31 March 2024


SCAT airline to reconnect Astana and Batumi (source)

Kazakhstan airline SCAT will resume flights ex Astana to Batumi starting on 8 June 2024

The flights will be operated twice a week on the Boeing 737 aircraft


Somon Air started to operate flights to Jeddah and Dubai (source)

Somon Air a Tajikistan airline began to operate passenger flights ex Khujand to Jeddah and ex Khujand to Dubai once a week from 6 February 2024

Currently, Somon Air operates regular flights from Tajikistan to 25 locations, including cities in Germany, the UAE, Türkiye, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan

Other News

Turkmenistan and Iran to improve transport connectivity (source)

At the "Iranian Maritime Economy" forum, the Maritime and River Transport Agency of Turkmenistan discussed further development of North-South and West-East transport corridors

During the forum, three transport routes were identified: Europe-Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran- India, Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran-India, and Russia-Iran-India


Russia to develop a new transport corridor via Turkmenistan (source)

Vadim Ganin, a director of the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS, has mentioned Russia's plans to take part in the developing of a multimodal corridor on the route Russia – Caspian Sea – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan

In addition, Vadim Ganin discussed the development of a second project which is the creation of the Trans-Afghan Corridor, initiated by the Uzbekistan government in 2021. The new transport corridor will connect the EU, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other Southeast Asian countries


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Thank you for reading! We'll get back to you next Thursday with another edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes. If you missed a newsletter, check out the other editions of our newsletter

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