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Air Cargo Notes | 16 Nov 2023

Marketing Team | Delta Global Solutions

Welcome to this week's edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes, the first and only newsletter focusing on the latest news and insights into the dynamic air cargo market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. This week, the air freight sector has shown rigid competition between Uzbekistan Airways and newly emerged private airlines as well as new flight routes between Malaysia and Kazakhstan.

Air Cargo Trends

Uzbekistan Airways is encountering rigid competition in the market

Uzbekistan Airways is facing increased pressure in the domestic market due to the emergence of new private airlines

The current challenge for Uzbekistan Airway (HY) is retaining qualified staff and maintaining its market position as Centrum Air and Air Samarkand are actively expanding


Kazakhstan SCAT Airlines has ordered 7 new aircraft (source)

SCAT Airlines (DV) ordered seven B737-8s to increase the airline's carrying capacity

The airline plans to expand its route network and offer more travel destinations.


Malaysian low-cost airline Air Asia X to operate passenger flights connecting Kuala Lumpur and Almaty (source)

Services between Kuala Lumpur and Almaty are set to launch on 1 February 2024, with Air Asia X operating 4 direct passenger flights on A-330 equipment

AirAsia X operates as part of the AirAsia Aviation Group, established in 2006. The airline was founded in 2007 and currently maintains a fleet of approximately 270 aircraft, including A320, A320neo, A321neo, and A330 models

Other News

Kazakhstan's new railway line to decrease transit time by 40% (source)

The construction of a new railway line is expected to reduce the load on the Almaty node by redirecting the cargo flow to the Zhetygen-Kazybek Bek railway resulting in shorter transit time

The railway transportation of cargo between Kazakhstan and China achieved unprecedented levels, surpassing 23 million tons and adding pressure to the Almaty railway station

Local companies will play a role in manufacturing sleepers, rails, and transformers, and will also provide inert materials such as sand and crushed stone


Connecting Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan via a new road (source)

Kazakhstan put forward an initiative to build the “Beineu – Shalkar” highway connecting the western regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan which will become a part of the 8th TRACECA road corridor

To enhance its capabilities, Kazakhstan, in collaboration with Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, plans to execute roadmaps aimed at removing obstacles and increasing capacity


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Thank you for reading! We'll get back to you next Thursday with another edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes. If you missed a newsletter, check out the other editions of our newsletter.

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