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Air Cargo Notes | 7 Dec 2023

Marketing Team | Delta Global Solutions

Welcome to this week's edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes, the first and only newsletter focusing on the latest news and insights into the dynamic air cargo market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. This week we are reporting on the Ministry of Transport of Kazakhstan granting the 5th freedom of air to foreign airlines, increased number of flights, and memorandum on transport interconnectivity.

Air Cargo Trends

The Ministry of Transport of Kazakhstan has lifted all restrictions on foreign airlines (source)

The Ministry of Transport in Kazakhstan has granted the 5th freedom of air to foreign airlines including no limitation on frequency, types of aircraft, and routes

Elimination of restrictions is aimed at reducing the cost of airline tickets, improving service, and expanding the flight geography


Kyrgyzstan’s Aero Nomad Airlines to increase flights to Russia (source)

Kyrgyzstan’s Aero Nomad Airlines is set to increase the frequency of passenger flights ex Moscow to Osh VV to 5 days per week operating on Airbus 320 equipment starting from 5 December 2023

Aero Nomad Airlines, established in 2021, is a Kyrgyz airline that conducts regular and charter flights from Kyrgyzstan to Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Delhi, and Moscow


A new passenger aircraft was delivered to Turkmenistan (source)

Under the national program of the Development of Civil Aviation of Turkmenistan, a new passenger aircraft Boeing-777-300ER which is capable of efficiently handling long-distance international flights landed at Ashgabat International Airport

The purchase of modern aircraft aims to increase passenger flights and expand the geography of air transportation in the country

Other News

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan sign memorandum on transport interconnectivity (source)

During the first meeting of the Turkmen-Kazakh working group on transport, transit, and logistics in Ashgabat, the senior officials signed a memorandum on transport interconnectivity

The objective of the agreement is to increase traffic flow between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan which involves jointly implementing initiatives to establish favorable tariff conditions and coordinate transport infrastructure development.


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Thank you for reading! We'll get back to you next Thursday with another edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes. If you missed a newsletter, check out the other editions of our newsletter.

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