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Air Cargo Notes | 19 Oct 2023

Marketing Team | Delta Global Solutions

Welcome to Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes, your premier source for the latest updates and insights into the dynamic air freight and logistics market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Whether you're an industry professional, a business leader, or simply curious about the ever-evolving landscape of air cargo in this emerging market, our platform offers you a unique and comprehensive repository of news, trends, and developments. Explore our articles and stay ahead of the curve in this high-flying industry.

Air Cargo Trends

The Georgian airline Geo Sky (D4) to launch cargo flights from China to Europe via Turkmenabat (CRZ) (source)

Geo Sky (D4) to operate the Tbilisi (TBS)- Zhengzhou (CGO)- Turkmenabat (CRZ)- Zaragoza (ZAZ) route on B747F

D4 will use Turkmenabat (CRZ) as a transit point due to its advantageous geographical location at the intersection of air, rail, and road networks linking Asia and Europe


Kyrgyzstan and Russia have agreed on the 5th freedom of the air (source)

Kyrgyzstan's airlines are now able to operate from Kyrgyz airports to 25 Russian destinations, transiting through third-party nations, and conversely, from Russia to various other international destinations

Russian airlines were granted permission to operate flights from Russian cities to Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek, Osh, and Tamchi, with a layover in Almaty, Kazakhstan, followed by onward travel to various Chinese cities

Kyrgyzstan joined the top five among all countries in terms of passenger traffic to Russia, while Uzbekistan is in the top ten in 2023


Flynas (XY) to launch Jeddah (JED) / Bishkek (FRU) VV regular passenger flights (source)

XY will launch flights using A320P aircraft, with a frequency of three weekly flights

The expansion aligns with the objective of Saudi Arabia to connect the Kingdom to 250 global destinations, attracting 330mln PAX and hosting 100mln tourists by 2030


Silk Avia (US) to launch regular passenger charters between Samarkand (SKD) and Turkistan (HSA) from 14 Oct 2023 (source)

Silk Avia will utilize its A320 aircraft to operate the new route, with the inaugural flight planned for 28 Oct 2023

Separately, Kazakhstan is contemplating the initiation of flights along the Turkestan – Fergana route


Uzbekistan Government shipped 100 tons of humanitarian goods to Afghanistan following the devastating earthquake in the country (source)

My Freighter (C6) was chartered by the Government of Uzbekistan to deliver humanitarian aid with a charter flight on its B747F aircraft, operated on 10 Oct 2023

Afghanistan has also received humanitarian aid from the United Arab Emirates and is expecting further aid deliveries from Turkey


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