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Air Cargo Notes | 26 Oct 2023

Marketing Team | Delta Global Solutions

The air cargo industry serves as the indispensable backbone of global trade, ensuring the efficient and timely movement of goods across vast distances and international borders. Characterized by its unparalleled speed and versatility, this sector plays a critical role in supporting businesses, industries, and economies worldwide. Read on to discover what is happening in the air freight industry of Uzbekistan and Central Asia this week.

Air Cargo Trends

The international exhibition TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023 will be held from November 1st to 3rd (source)

● The exhibition will take place in Tashkent UzExpoCentre gathering stakeholders from transport and logistics sectors all over the world

● Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Transport Forum, Aviation & Logistics Forum 2023 will be a part of the exhibition program on November 1, 2023


Uzbek airline Humo Air is set to transform into a fully operational budget airline offering scheduled international flights (source)

The Swiss company Valleyroad Capital, which acquired the state-owned airline Humo Air earlier this year is planning to operate 1000 passenger flights in the upcoming 3 months

In 2024, the airline plans to launch regular flights to international destinations such as Almaty, Istanbul, and Dubai

By the end of 2023, Humo Air is planning to receive 3 Airbus A320s and increase its fleet to 18 aircraft by 2026


Maersk Airlines (DJ) launched flights for BLL/NVI/HGH VV routes from March 20, 2023 (source)

CRG flights with a technical stop in NVI are to be operated using B767-300 on D135.


Turkmenistan Airlines (T5) changed the flight schedule for the route from Ashgabat (ASB) to Delhi (DEL) (source)

Turkmenistan Airlines intends to increase the flight frequency on the Ashgabat (ASB) to Delhi (DEL) route to twice a week

According to the new schedule, passenger flights will be operated on D56 every Saturday and Sunday


Red Wings (WZ) to operate direct passenger flights Samarkand (SKD) / Kazan (KZN) VV (source)

The Russian airline Red Wings to launch regular passenger flights on the Kazan – Samarkand – Kazan route

The passenger flights will be operated on a regular basis once a week on Mondays using SU95 equipment from October 30, 2023


Turkish carrier SunExpress (XQ) to launch passenger flights from Izmir (IZM) to Samarkand (SKD) (source)

The Turkish airline Sunexpress (XQ) is to launch regular passenger flights on the route Izmir (IZM) / Samarkand (SKD) VV on November 12th, 2023

Flights will be operated on a regular basis three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays on Boeing 737P aircraft


Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport (NQZ) in Astana to become a major multimodal hub in Central Asia (source)

Kazakhstan and Terminals Holding (UAE) have entered into a partnership agreement to work together on transforming the airport in Astana into a flexible and multifunctional transportation hub

The investor will conduct a thorough assessment of the operations at the city's airport followed by taking over operational control with the aim of enhancing the quality of passenger services and overall airport efficiency

The renovation and modernization of the airport will begin in 2024


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