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Healthcare Logistics

Supporting healthcare industry

Tightening regulatory compliance, product security and transport requirements are some of the challenges that pharmaceutical and healthcare industries face today. At Delta Global Solutions, we leverage our years-long industry expertise to support  pharma and healthcare industries through various stages of their supply chain. This includes delivering raw materials into your manufacturing process to getting your end products to distributors, pharmacies, clinical labs, hospitals and much more.


Handling and transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biopharma products require special handling and logistical management. Pressure on delivery deadlines and cost management, coupled with stringent transport and handling requirements mean you can only trust your pharma supply chain to reliable logistics providers with a proven track record. At Delta Global Solutions we combine our global network and resources to provide industry-compliant pharma logistics services.

Diagnostics & Lab

We work with clinical labs, distributors and manufacturers to deliver medical equipment and devices, diagnostics kits, reagents, consumables and expendables, analytical instruments, accessories and spare parts. Our certified DGR-specialists are capable of handling sensitive equipment and hazardous goods while our transport networks, facilities and competent workforce ensure that your shipment receives the attention it deserves when it is in our care.

Cold Chain Management

Efficient and uninterrupted cold chain management is key to reducing waste and maintaining the integrity of your pharmaceutical products. At stake is the life of another human being who is the end-user of your pharmaceutical product. At Delta Global Solutions, we offer active or passive cooling solutions ranging from ambient (20°C to 25°C) to refrigerated (2°C to 8°C), to frozen (0°C to as low as −20°C). Our cold chain logistics solutions are designed to comply with specific product handling and industry-level compliance requirements.

Quality Assurance

As a healthcare logistics provider, we adhere to globally recognized quality standards. Our entire logistics services are ISO 9001:2015 certified. For us that means ensuring our processes meet the stringent healthcare industry standards and compliance requirements for transport, handling, storage and documentation. We leverage our global network of qualified and industry compliant agents, carriers and facilities in order to ensure product safety, integrity and efficiency, end-to-end.

Best Solution for Medical  Logistics

Partnering with Delta Global Solutions, we can state with absolute confidence that this company has our full trust in their ability to provide complex logistical services for the movement of medical equipment and lab consumables which we import on a regular basis. Relying on the business experience of Delta Global Solutions, we are always confident that we will receive the best service and optimal solutions thanks to the team’s expertise, flexibility and commitment to us as a service provider. We recognize Delta Global Solutions as a worthy business partner and recommend them as the best solution in the field of medical logistics.

Rano Khodjimukhamedova

Director, Shifo-Nur-Servis

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