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Healthcare Logistics

Logistics solutions for pharma, biotech and medtech industries

Healthcare Logistics: Dedicated Transport Solutions For Pharma, Biotech & MedTech Industries

Geopolitical uncertainty, global pandemics and stringent industry regulations put enormous pressure on healthcare systems around the world. Such challenges require greater supply chain flexibility, speed and cost optimization from healthcare sector players, including pharma/biopharma companies, medtech manufacturers, distributors and hospitals.

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide a broad range of healthcare logistics solutions to support the entire supply chain life cycles of the pharma, biotech and medtech industries. This may be delivering biotech ingredients into your manufacturing process or shipping critical vaccines and life-saving medical devices to the point of use by end consumers.

As a healthcare logistics provider, we have infrastructure, services and global transport networks to offer integrated supply chain solutions for the medical sector, in compliance with all relevant quality standards and industry regulations, including ISO 9001.


Global Logistics For Pharma & Biotech Industries

Efficient and uninterrupted cold chain management is key to reducing waste and maintaining the integrity of pharma and biotech products throughout the entire supply chain. We understand that when it comes to perishable pharmaceuticals, unbroken cold chain and delivery speed can make a difference between life and death for end-users.

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide uninterrupted cold chain transport, storage and handling to ensure product integrity and full visibility across your medical logistics supply chain. Our air, sea and road temperature-controlled transport solutions include flexible temperature ranges and real-time tracking, with active or passive cooling solutions from ambient (20°C to 25°C) and refrigerated (2°C to 8°C) to frozen (0°C to as low as −20°C).

Logistics Solutions For Medtech Industry


With over 15 years of medical logistics experience and a global shipping network, Delta Global Solutions can coordinate and ship many types of complex medical devices and diagnostics equipment. We work with medtech manufacturers, hospitals and care facilities, clinical laboratories and third-party distributors, offering specialized transport and handling services for shipping sensitive medical equipment, including CT scanners and MRI machines.

Our medical device logistics solutions encompass services such as procurement, transport, warehousing, customs clearance and last mile, all compliant with industry standards and your medical supply chain requirements.

Why Delta Global Solutions For Healthcare Logistics​


At Delta Global Solutions, we provide integrated pharma and healthcare solutions to cater to the growing needs of the healthcare industry. With a global transport network, healthcare distribution control towers and extensive experience in shipping pharma and medical products, our healthcare logistics professionals can support you through all stages of your pharma supply chain, from planning through execution and administration.

As a healthcare logistics provider, we adhere to globally recognized quality standards. Our medical supply chain services are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and our pharma shipping infrastructure is GDP-compliant. For you, this translates into reliable healthcare logistics services, product integrity and full visibility across your pharma and biotech supply chain.

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