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Customs Clearance Services

Navigate the world of trade with our customs clearance solutions

Utilize Our Customs Clearance Services For Smooth & Compliant Cross-Border Trade

Today more than ever before, businesses are facing increasing trade barriers and customs compliance challenges in cross-border trade. Customs requirements vary by country and navigating the ever-changing web of rules and regulations can be a challenge.

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide a complete range of customs clearance services to support your global import and export operations. Our experienced customs brokers and trade experts guide you through customs regulations and trade laws across international borders.

Customs Brokerage Services

Rapidly changing markets reward agility. The speed and cost of moving your goods across customs borders can be a game changer for your business. As your customs broker, we facilitate the entire process of customs clearance end-to-end, fast-tracking your shipments through customs. Our customs brokerage services and capabilities include:

  • Product classification and HS code assignment

  • Assessment of customs duties and taxes

  • Product registration, certification, licensing

  • Filing customs declarations for import, export and transit

  • Customs inspections, screening services

  • Bonded warehouse, bonded delivery services

Customs & Trade Compliance

Customs clearance is a complex and time-consuming process, heavy on regulation. Undeclaring or misdeclaring goods can have far-reaching legal and financial consequences, including shipment delays, customs penalties or other regulatory fines.

With Delta Global Solutions, you are in good hands. Our licensed customs brokers have the technical expertise and hands-on experience in classifying products across industries, customs regimes, duty drawbacks or tax exemptions. Our international trade experts help you proactively manage risks, advising you on trade embargoes, global sanctions regimes or counterparty due diligence.

Global Customs Network, Local Expertise

Our global customs brokerage network and dedication to highest quality standards allow us to meet your customs clearance needs anywhere in the world. Our customs brokerage and trade compliance services cover:

  • Customs clearance services in Uzbekistan, Central Asia and CIS

  • Customs declaring agent services in Uzbekistan, CIS, China, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Midddle East, Europe, USA, Turkey and the Baltic States

  • Customs clearance services in South Korea, Japan, China

  • Import and export customs clearance and door to door services in Uzbekistan and CIS

Why Delta Global Solutions For Customs Clearance

Delta Global Solutions provides end-to-end customs clearance and trade management services to businesses. Our customs brokers are well-versed in local customs regulations and trade laws while our customs services meet the highest industry standards. Let our customs experts take on the burden of regulatory red tape so you can remain focused on growing your business.

For customs clearance services in Uzbekistan, please visit here.

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