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DDP & Door To Door Services

DDP services for import compliance

Utilize Our DDP & Door To Door Services for Your Global Shipping Needs

In today’s competitive environment, businesses require versatile, end-to-end logistics solutions for seamless exchange of goods across international borders, including door-to-door delivery and DDP solutions. Customs regulations, documentary requirements, import taxes and duty rates vary by country, and navigating this intricate web of customs and trade regulations is a complex and time-consuming process. At Delta Global Solutions, we provide you with a complete range of door-to-door shipping and DDP services designed to take the import customs clearance and trade compliance off your shoulders.

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Explained

Delivered Duty Paid or DDP is a shipping term used in international trade where the seller undertakes all responsibilities, risks, and transport costs incurred in delivering the goods to the destination agreed with the buyer. DDP puts maximum responsibility and risk on the seller for getting the goods to the consignee. The seller is responsible for export clearance, main carriage, and customs clearance, including payment of import duties and taxes at the destination. In countries where import clearance procedures are complex, sellers or shippers may prefer to involve a freight broker with local knowledge to ensure smooth customs clearance and delivery to consignees, avoiding costly storage, cargo delays or potential penalties for non-compliance. At Delta Global Solutions, we offer businesses a complete DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) solution, taking on the entire process of import clearance formalities, inspections, payment of taxes & duties, and door delivery.

Trade Compliance Through DDP Solutions

As with any cross-border shipment of goods, clearing your products through customs in the country of destination can be a complicated affair. Trade regulations around the world are constantly evolving and it can be overwhelming for businesses to keep abreast of the latest changes in tax and duty rates or import customs requirements. This necessitates partnering with experienced trade compliance specialists such as Delta Global Solutions, to ensure hassle-free movement of your goods across international borders.

At Delta Global Solutions, we work with customs authorities, government agencies, freight forwarders and local customs brokers in each jurisdiction to provide hassle free door-to-door and import DDP shipping services worldwide. Our range of DDP services includes:

  • Complete import paperwork management

  • Counterparty due diligence checks

  • Customs, trade & tax compliance

  • In-house customs brokerage

Shipping Door-To-Door With Delta Global Solutions

Delta Global Solutions is an international freight forwarding company based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We provide door-to-door import, DDP, DAP, and DDU solutions to businesses in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, CIS, Europe, North America and the Middle East, leveraging our cross-border trade expertise, and global network of qualified cargo agents and customs brokers.

With our end-to-end transportation management, transparent cost structures, and hassle-free customs clearance experience, Delta Global Solutions is the trusted facilitator for your last mile logistics needs, anywhere in the world.

For door to door services in Uzbekistan, please visit here.

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