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Business Ethics Policy

Our commitment to ethical business

Business Ethics Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to set out the rules to be followed by Delta Global Solutions staff, partners, and counterparties to ensure ethical business standards and compliance with the laws and regulations in our conduct of business.


All employees and contractors of Delta Global Solutions are required to abide by this Policy to ensure ethical business standards in all jurisdictions where Delta conducts business. We assert our influence over our business partners, customers, and suppliers, which we do not control, to encourage them to act in a manner consistent with the intent of this Policy.

Our Commitment To Business Ethics

Delta Global Solutions is committed to strong ethical conduct and moral principles in all of our Company’s business operations. Our employees are required to act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, uphold ethical standards, and prioritize the Company's best interests when they deal with our customers, vendors, and business partners.

Managers and leaders hold a greater responsibility in exemplifying the significance of this Policy through their actions. They are accountable for promptly addressing any ethical inquiries or concerns. Employees are expected to cooperate in investigations related to potential or alleged misconduct.

Failure to adhere to this Policy is considered a form of misconduct that may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. We encourage individuals to ask questions at any time and assure protection against any form of punishment or retaliation for reporting misconduct in good faith.

We are dedicated to enforcing our values and business ethics principles throughout our entire network of customers, vendors,  and business partners.


Ethical Decision-Making

Ethical conduct is value-driven decision-making. Several key questions can help to identify situations that may be unethical, inappropriate, or illegal. Ask yourself:

  • Is what I am doing legal?

  • Does it reflect our Company’s values and ethics?

  • Does it comply with the Policy and Company regulations?

  • Does it respect the rights of others?

  • How would it look if it made the news headlines?

  • Am I being loyal to my family, my Company, and myself?

  • Is this the right thing to do?

  • What would I tell my child to do?

  • Have I been asked to misrepresent information or deviate from normal procedure?

Compliance With Laws & Regulations

Our employees are required to follow all the laws, rules, and regulations in the countries we do business in, as well as this Policy, to maintain compliance at all times.

Health, Safety & Environment

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting responsible resource management, and fostering a culture of social responsibility. It is our responsibility to create and maintain a safe work environment exercising controls over occupational health and safety hazards. We believe that ethical business practices are not just about immediate gains but also about leaving a positive and lasting impact on our planet and the communities we serve.

Human Rights

We are firmly dedicated to upholding the dignity and rights of every individual and community we engage with in the course of our work. We will not, under any circumstances, be involved in or contribute to the infringement of human rights. Our personnel are expected to treat everyone with dignity, respect, and compassion while upholding the principles of human rights.

Fair Labor Practices

We are dedicated to advancing equality in our employment procedures and maintaining a just employment and compensation policy in accordance with relevant laws. We vehemently reject the utilization of child or slave labor, as well as any type of forced, compulsory, or bonded labor. We condemn all illicit, unjust, and unethical labor practices that exploit workers, undermine social welfare, or enable tax evasion, which includes activities such as unreported or "under-the-table" employment or withholding wages. Our employees are expected to demonstrate integrity and treat their colleagues and all others they interact with in the workplace with complete respect.

Antitrust & Fair Competition

Our personnel are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring fairness in business practices, adhering to all competition, consumer protection, and fair marketing regulations. Both customers and business partners are treated with equity and impartiality. Products and services are presented in a manner that is not only fair and accurate but also aligns with principles of fair marketing and advertising, ensuring the disclosure of all pertinent information.


We do not tolerate bribery or corruption of any kind. Our policy is to comply with all anti-corruption laws and regulations in all jurisdictions we do business in. It is strictly prohibited to directly or indirectly offer, promise, give, ask, solicit, or accept any unfair advantage to facilitate business. An unfair advantage or benefit may include cash, any cash equivalent (e.g. voucher), gift, credit, discount, travel, personal advantage, accommodation, or services. We do not permit facilitation payments to government officials or private businesses in order to secure or speed up routine actions.

Our employees must account for all benefits received in the course of doing business and must not give or receive bribes or otherwise act corruptly.

Use of Company Resources

We bear the responsibility for ensuring the security, safeguarding, and prudent use of Company resources. Our resources, including time, materials, equipment, and information, are allocated exclusively for legitimate business purposes. Company property, whether tangible or intangible, must be treated with respect, and there should be no misuse or careless handling of Company assets. Our employees are responsible for preserving the integrity and optimal use of these resources.

Protection of Company Information

We are dedicated to preserving the Company information and require all employees not to share Company information with any third parties or even within the Company, if there is no solid reason and/or Management approval to do so. Company information may include emails, quotes, contracts, manuals, presentations, information of our customers and business partners. All information to be shared outside the Company must be shared on a need-to-know basis and with Management approval. The obligation to protect Company information will remain in effect for 3 years after an employee leaves the Company.

Integrity of Records

We require that our books, records, accounts and financial statements are maintained in appropriate detail, truly and properly reflecting our transactions. We commit ourselves to fair taxation and to avoid all tax evasion practices, including such as failing to issue receipts or accounting fake expense invoices. Our Finance Manager will ensure that all business transactions are recorded and documented appropriately and make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports are full, honest, accurate, timely and understandable. We conduct annual financial audits, internal and external QMS audits to ensure that our business practices are in line with global best practices.

Conflict of Interest

Our decisions will be grounded in objective and impartial evaluations, ensuring the avoidance of any potential improper influence. A "conflict of interest" arises when an employee's personal interests, whether connected to friends, family, customers, competitors, suppliers, or contractors, interfere or have the potential to interfere with the best interests of the Company. Determining the presence of a conflict of interest can be challenging, so employees with such concerns should seek advice from Management.

Privacy & Personal Data Protection

We respect people’s privacy and we acknowledge our employees’, customers’ and others’ need to feel confident that their personal data is processed appropriately and for a legitimate business purpose. We are committed to complying with all personal data protection laws. We only acquire and keep personal information that is necessary and we give proper information on these activities to data owners. You may access our website’s Privacy Policy here to learn about how we collect and use website visitor data.


We will consider non-compliance with this Policy as a serious matter warranting disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. If this Policy is violated by any third parties, customers or vendors, their contracts will be terminated immediately. If you know or suspect that there has been a violation of this Policy and/or the applicable law, you should immediately report the violation or red flags to our Compliance Team.

You may share your questions or concerns with us anonymously via the following reporting channels:

Phone: +998 78 150003

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