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Perishable Logistics

Refrigerated transport solutions for every industry

Manage Your Cold Chain With Our Perishable Logistics and Temperature Controlled Transport Solutions

With deseasonalized demand for fresh produce and food production moving to low-cost countries, fresh fruit and vegetables are available year-round and increasingly sourced from overseas. This comes with distribution challenges for food suppliers and wholesalers, who must ship fresh produce over long distances and keep their shelves stocked at all times in order to meet the all-time consumer demand.

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide a wide range of temperature-controlled transport and cold chain logistics solutions for food, agriculture and biotech/pharma industries, compliant with national, international regulations and industry requirements. From meat, dairy products, seafood and flowers to life-saving vaccines or biotech ingredients, we ship a wide array of perishable products, ensuring product safety and integrity throughout the entire transportation chain.


What Is Perishable Goods


Perishable goods refer to temperature-sensitive and time-critical products such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals or chemicals requiring an uninterrupted controlled environment and monitoring throughout the entire supply chain, with a set range of optimal temperature, air flow and humidity levels to ensure product integrity. Any temperature fluctuations or humidity excursions might adversely affect the perishable product's quality or shorten its shelf life, and in the case of biopharma products, compromised drugs such as vaccines could put the end user's life on the line.

Perishable goods are not confined to one specific industry. Refrigeration and temperature controlled environments are widely used to transport or store perishable products across a variety of domains, including food and beverages, beauty industry, chemicals, biotech, biopharma and more. Examples of perishable products include fresh fruit, fish, seafood, dairy products, flowers, saplings, vaccines, high-tech electronics, etc.


Uninterrupted Cold Chain Logistics

With limited shelf life and risk of spoilage due to air, moisture, light, temperature, and microbial growth, perishable goods require a consistent range of temperature, airflow and humidity control as they move from production to consumption. Temperature-controlled logistics is about maintaining an unbroken cold chain throughout all phases of perishable products’ lifecycle, from production, processing, packaging and transportation to final mile distribution to point of consumption.

Any temperature fluctuations in the supply chain could compromise the integrity of your products or affect their shelf life, sometimes with unintended consequences. At stake could be the public health, your finances or business reputation.

At Delta Global Solutions, we understand what is at stake when you are racing against time to deliver your fresh catch to the market or life-saving vaccines to a hospital. We provide the level of speed, care and meticulous attention to detail that your perishables shipping requires, from loading at origin to safe transportation to destination.

With our active and passive cooling solutions, ranging from ambient (20°C to 25°C) and refrigerated (2°C to 8°C) to frozen (0°C to as low as −20°C), we offer reliable and secure cold chain transport, storage and handling to maintain product integrity, nutritional value and prevent waste. With real time temperature monitoring, humidity control and full visibility across your perishable supply chain, we ensure an unbroken cold chain for your perishable products, from planning stages to final mile delivery.

Why Delta Global Solutions For Perishable Logistics


Delta Global Solutions is an integrated logistics solutions provider headquartered in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and operating globally. We provide temperature-controlled transport and shipping solutions across air, road, rail, sea or multimodal transport, ensuring an optimal balance of speed and cost across your perishable supply chain.

As perishable logistics specialists, we adhere to globally recognized quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015. For our customers, this translates into fast transit times, reduced waste and full visibility across all phases of their perishables shipping.

From production to distribution, you can leverage our extensive worldwide network, industry-compliant infrastructure and global shipping capabilities to streamline your perishable logistics and drive meaningful results across your cold chain.

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