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Air Freight Services

Global air freight services and air cargo handling

International Transport & Shipping Services: Air, Road, Rail, Sea & Multimodal Freight

When your supply chain requires speed, reliability and higher levels of security, air freight is the optimal solution. It is a reliable mode of transport that is ideal for time-critical and high-value shipments.

At Delta Global Solutions, we offer flexible, efficient air freight services to help businesses meet their delivery deadlines and stay on top of their supply chain goals. Our core air freight service portfolio includes:

  • Air cargo export, import and transit solutions

  • Airline space reservation 

  • Charter flights

  • Next flight out

  • On-board courier

  • Air cargo consolidation

  • Mission critical shipments

  • Air freight consolidation & deconsolidation

Global Air Cargo Network

Delta Global Solutions has built up strategic partnerships with major air carriers with networks spanning the globe. In our capacity as airline agent or GSA, we have direct access to rates and capacity on key international trade lanes, linking Uzbekistan and Central Asia to CIS, East and Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Where regular air freight does not meet your requirements, you can use our air cargo charter services.

Air Cargo Compliance & Paperwork

Air freight is a specialist mode of transport heavy on paperwork. As a business shipping internationally, you are required to comply with a host of international and national rules and regulations when shipping by air, including the Warsaw Convention, Hague Protocol and IATA rules for carriage of dangerous or perishable goods. Our air freight teams at Delta Global Solutions are equipped with all the tools, up-to-date training and knowledge of local and international regulations to make your international air freight a smooth, compliant process, end-to-end.

Air Freight Solutions By Industry

Meeting the ever-changing regulatory requirements of different industries demands constant training, technical knowledge and product-specific expertise. At Delta Global Solutions, we partner with businesses from a wide variety of industries to design and deploy bespoke air freight solutions responsive to their supply chain needs. This can be a small ad-hoc delivery of a mission-critical spare part or regular shipments of ready-made products to international markets. Our areas of expertise include, among others:

Services Beyond Air Freight

We offer a wide range of value added services to complement our air cargo solutions. This means you can rely on Delta Global Solutions as a one-stop solution for all your transportation needs, whenever and wherever in the world you may need them:

Air Freight in Uzbekistan

Headquartered in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Delta Global Solutions offers airfreight services, linking our primary hubs in Tashkent and Navoi airports to CIS, Europe, Americas, East and Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Find out more about our air freight capabilities in Uzbekistan.

Why Delta Global Solutions For Air Freight

At Delta Global Solutions, we leverage our global network, risk-management expertise, and industry know-how to create and deploy sustainable, cost-effective air freight solutions for businesses. As an IATA member and an ISO-certified air freight forwarder, we provide dependable logistics services to our customers anchored in long-term strategic partnerships.

Reach out to us today and let our dedicated team of air freight experts handle all your air cargo needs. We are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring secure and timely delivery for your high-value assets.

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