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IOR/EOR Services
for Uzbekistan

Your Importer of Record in Uzbekistan

Navigating the labyrinth of ever evolving import and export regulations in Uzbekistan can be a daunting task, even for big companies. Complex customs procedures and documentary requirements in the country necessitate a qualified partner with specialist knowledge and local experience to help you meet the compliance demands of your supply chain. At Delta Global Solutions, we offer a full suite of Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services in Uzbekistan to support your import and export operations.

Importer of Record Services in Uzbekistan

Ensuring trade and customs compliance while importing your high-value, time-critical products into Uzbekistan should be an important part of your strategy in order to reduce risks of non-compliance and avoid potential customs penalties.
Our Importer of Record Services in Uzbekistan are designed to support global companies across industries ranging from IT and telecommunications to banking and aviation sectors. Delta Global Solutions’ IOR (Importer of Record) services for Uzbekistan include:

  • Import customs clearance

  • HS code classification & assignment

  • Filing import customs declarations

  • Import permits, including product certification & registration

  • Calculation and payment of taxes, duties and customs fees

  • Delivery to consignee's door

Exporter of Record Services in Uzbekistan

Whether you are recalling a faulty device for refurbishment or recovering your end-of-life assets for redeployment or divestment, you can rely on Delta Global Solutions to act as your Exporter of Record in Uzbekistan. Our reverse logistics solutions are designed to help businesses reduce e-waste by recovering, re-using or refurbishing IT hardware. Our reverse logistics experts take on the entire export compliance paperwork while you focus on your main business. Our EOR services for Uzbekistan include:


Regardless of your precise logistics requirements, you can always rely on Delta Global Solutions’ EOR services in Uzbekistan to repatriate or relocate your assets in full compliance with local regulations and your supply chain demands.

Value Added Services

Apart from IOR and EOR solutions in Uzbekistan, we offer a suite of value added services to meet the additional requirements of your supply chain, including:


Mission-Critical Logistics

Our IOR and EOR services are part of our mission critical logistics solutions package designed to support business continuity both in normal times and through emergencies. Whether it is an assembly line shutdown or network router failure, business disruption and the resulting loss of customers or financial consequences are among the challenges we help businesses tackle head on. No one understands better than Delta Global Solutions the meticulous planning, coordination, care and attention to detail that goes into executing mission critical deliveries to ensure there is no disruption to your business operations.


Why Use Delta Global Solutions in Uzbekistan

When failure is not an option, the immediacy of the demand necessitates a supply chain partner such as Delta Global Solutions with resources including a global presence, time-critical capabilities and local expertise to align with your supply chain strategy. We act as your single point of contact for transport solutions, import or export customs compliance or door delivery services in Uzbekistan. While you remain focused on what matters to your business, our experts will attend to the minute details of your logistics. Reach out to our team now or any time, for a no-obligation quote or consulting.

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