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Door To Door Delivery and DDP Services
in Uzbekistan

Door-to-door delivery and DDP services in Uzbekistan

Elevate Your Supply Chain with Door to Door Delivery in Uzbekistan

Door to door deliveries are in high demand in today's supply chains. This is especially true for Uzbekistan where e-commerce is booming. Door-to-door delivery is a complex process, often outsourced to courier services and freight forwarders.

Delta Global Solutions provides a full range of door-to-door services in Uzbekistan, from transporting commercial shipments to delivering small parcels and documents. Our solutions cover international door-to-door shipping services to/from Uzbekistan as well as local deliveries in Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan.

Door To Door Delivery & Courier Services in Uzbekistan

Recognizing that every shipment is unique, we offer personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a one-off delivery or ongoing logistics support, our door-to-door shipping and courier services in Uzbekistan include:

  • Delivering small parcels, mail, and documents across Uzbekistan

  • Courier service, express mail services, same day delivery

  • E-commerce deliveries in Uzbekistan

  • Mail and package deliveries via UzPost (Uzbekistan Post) national postal service network in Uzbekistan and internationally

  • Shipping with DHL, FedEx and UPS to/from Uzbekistan

Global Door To Door Shipments To Uzbekistan

We provide door-to-door cargo delivery services in Uzbekistan and worldwide. Whether you are shipping EXW, DDP, DAP or DDU Uzbekistan, our shipping solutions can be tailored to suit your unique requirements:

  • Onboard courier services

  • Mission critical shipments

  • Next flight out

  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping in Uzbekistan and internationally

  • Door-to-door delivery of goods by air, road, sea, and rail

  • Customs clearance services

  • Trade management and compliance services in Uzbekistan

  • Finding and vetting reliable suppliers in China, UAE, Europe and the USA

  • Procurement services in China, UAE, Europe and the USA

  • Pre-shipment inspections

  • EXW and local pickup from the manufacturer's warehouse

  • Cargo insurance 

  • Packing and labeling

  • Real-time tracking of cargo and parcels

Door To Door Shipping Solutions By Industry

Depending on your requirements, we offer unique forwarding solutions by industry. Our logistics solutions support the entire lifecycle of your products, across all stages:

  • Urgent delivery of MRO spare parts and aircraft components for AOG aircraft repairs

  • Door-to-door transportation of personal effects and pets during international relocations

  • Door-to-door shipping of diplomatic mail, pouches, and diplomatic cargo from/to Uzbekistan

  • Transportation of samples, printed matter, marketing material

  • Door-to-door delivery of exhibition items, museum exhibits and artworks

  • Delivery of mission-critical parts and equipment for IT, telecommunications and aviation industries

  • Importer of record and exporter of record services in Uzbekistan, reverse logistics

Door-to-Door Delivery Process


The door-to-door delivery process in Uzbekistan requires intimate knowledge of customs regulations and practical application skills. The door-to-door delivery process in Uzbekistan consists of the following stages:

  1. Receive customer order with complete job scope and requirements

  2. Classify and validate the goods according to the HS codes and Uzbekistan customs database

  3. Calculate door delivery costs including customs duties, taxes, transportation

  4. Organize export clearance and cargo insurance

  5. Pick up the goods from the buyer’s warehouse and organize transportation

  6. Customs clear the goods in Uzbekistan (customs regimes such as IM-70, IM-74, IM-40)

  7. Arrange for registration and certification of goods in Uzbekistan, as may be required

  8. Pay customs duties, fees and taxes (VAT, excise tax)

  9. Deliver the shipment to the consignee’s door

Advantages of Door-to-Door Cargo Delivery


When you order a door-to-door service, your freight forwarder is responsible for the entire delivery process, from pickup Ex Works (EXW) at origin to delivery to the consignee’s premises at destination. This takes the burden of transport, cargo insurance, and customs clearance off your shoulders. Key advantages of door-to-door delivery include:

  • Cost optimization through consolidation of multiple smaller shipments into a single larger shipment

  • Risk reduction through transfer of transport risks to the shipping company

  • Higher level of convenience for the end users of door-to-door services

  • No customs bureaucracy or trade compliance risks

  • Better time management and focus on higher-priority tasks

  • Cost-savings due to outsourcing of foreign trade activities

  • Increased delivery reliability and reduced risk of delivery delays or disruptions

  • Reduced legal risks arising from foreign trade contracts, invoicing and transport documentation

  • Elimination of currency risks such as forex losses or transfer delays when paying via the SWIFT system

Why Delta Global Solutions for Door To Door Deliveries in Uzbekistan

Delta Global Solutions is an international freight forwarding company based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, focusing on first mile and last mile deliveries. We provide a broad range of courier shipping and door-to-door delivery services in Uzbekistan and internationally, covering EXW, DDP, DAP, and DDU shipments. Our 24/7/365 supply chain control towers guarantee safe, timely and dependable door-to-door delivery of your shipments, anywhere in the world.

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