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Customs Clearance in Uzbekistan

Customs clearance Uzbekistan: your local customs broker

Leverage Our Industry-Leading Customs Brokerage Services in Uzbekistan For Smooth Cross-Border Trade

Customs clearance in Uzbekistan is a complicated process, heavy on regulation. Incorrect customs entries, missing paperwork, or misdeclared HS codes may leave you with hefty fines, processing delays, or even cargo confiscation in the worst-case scenario.

Delta Global Solutions is a professional customs broker in Uzbekistan, providing customs clearance and trade compliance services for import, export, and transit shipments. With our experienced customs brokerage teams and good working knowledge of local customs regulations, we are able to meet your customs clearance and foreign trade requirements when you ship to or from Uzbekistan.

What is Customs Clearance?

Сustoms clearance is the process of clearing your goods through customs so they can enter the importing country. All goods shipped internationally are subject to customs clearance before they can be released into free circulation and delivered to buyers.

The customs clearance process involves preparing shipping documents, assigning HS codes to your goods, filing customs entries as well as settling customs duties, taxes and other applicable charges. In Uzbekistan, as in anywhere else, understanding and complying with customs rules is critical for your business success. As your customs broker in Uzbekistan, Delta Global Solutions can help you ensure just that.

Customs Clearance Process in Uzbekistan


While the exact customs clearance process in Uzbekistan may vary depending on the nature of the goods, commercial value, country of origin and other factors, the basic clearance steps are as follows:


1. Documentation

Customs clearance starts before shipping. You need to prepare shipping documents that comply with the requirements of Uzbekistan Customs. Typically, these documents include:

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Transport documents such as Bill of Lading, CMR, or AWB

  • Certificate of origin

  • Certificate of conformity

Documents must indicate a commodity HS code appropriately assigned. A business must have a fiscal presence in Uzbekistan to be able to import into the country. As an alternative, you may use the services of a local entity that can act as an Importer of Record to take on the entire import process on your behalf.

2. Calculation of Customs Duties & Taxes

Customs duties, taxes, and other post-import fees levied on your goods depend on the commodity type, invoice value, freight charges, country of origin, etc. However, invoice value alone does not influence the outcome of your duty/tax burden. Uzbekistan Customs uses historical import data to assess the average market value of goods, and if your invoice value falls below this average, the database number will be applied.

3. Customs Inspection

Customs authorities may choose to randomly inspect the goods to check the actual contents against the information on the commercial invoice and packing list or verify compliance with Uzbekistan import customs requirements. 

4. Customs Declaration

Your customs broker in Uzbekistan files an electronic customs declaration form including the goods’ origin, destination, shipping mode, shipper and consignee details, commodity name, HS code, quantity, invoice value as well as the duties and taxes due.

5. Payment of Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes are paid based on the calculation details in the Customs Declaration Form. In Uzbekistan, customs duties are calculated based on the shipment’s CIP value.

6. Registration and Certification

Based on the HS code assigned to your goods, additional permits or certifications may be required. These typically include certificates of conformity, electromagnetic compatibility, veterinary permits, expert conclusions of HS codes, etc.

7. Release of Goods

If the goods meet all regulatory requirements and have been cleared by customs, they are released for entry into Uzbekistan and free to move to the final consignee’s facilities.

Customs Clearance Services in Uzbekistan


We work with Uzbekistan Customs, industry regulators, and government agencies to fast-track your shipments through Uzbekistan customs borders. Delta Global Solutions is directly based in the country, we speak the local language and are well-versed in interpreting and applying the complex local customs regulations, be it processing import permits, certification of products, or dealing with myriad non-tariff trade barriers typical to the country.

Our qualified customer experts will remove the likelihood of your high-value shipments being detained, delayed, or seized in Uzbekistan due to having the wrong HS code for your product or missing paperwork. Your trade with Uzbekistan can benefit from our local customs clearance expertise and capabilities, including:

  • Customs clearance for import, export, and transit shipments

  • Filing customs declarations

  • HS code classification

  • Product registration & certification

  • Customs inspections

  • Calculation & payment of customs duties and taxes

  • Bonded trucking & bonded storage

  • DAP, DDU, and DDP door delivery services

  • Security convoys

Foreign Trade Support in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is a country with rigid foreign trade regulations and capital controls. Every single dollar entering or leaving the financial system of the country is closely monitored by the tax authorities, customs committee, the Central Bank and local mayor’s offices. All equipment, raw materials or consumer products moving in or out of the country must be accompanied by a pile of paperwork, including foreign trade contracts, invoices, packing lists and certificates of completion, just to count a few.

Costs of non-compliance are far-reaching for local businesses, up to and including suspension of bank accounts and seizure of business assets, not to mention the potential damage to your reputation. This means all foreign trade activities in the country must be managed thoroughly and only by foreign trade experts with up-to-date knowledge and experience in the sector.

At Delta Global Solutions, we provide complete foreign trade management services to businesses importing and exporting from Uzbekistan, including customs compliance, contract registration and lifecycle management, procurement support and import/export permits required for special categories of products.

Customs Clearance Costs in Uzbekistan


Costs of clearing your goods through Uzbekistan customs may vary depending on the HS code, invoice value of the goods, mode of transport, etc but here are the typical expenses involved in the process:

  • Customs duties & taxes: Paid to Uzbekistan Customs at established tariffs based on the HS code, invoice value and shipping cost

  • Customs fees: Government fees for processing customs clearance, calculated and paid to Uzbekistan Customs based on the invoice value and shipping cost

  • Customs brokerage fees: Paid to your customs broker for their customs clearance services

  • Certification fees: If the goods require certification, this adds to the cost. This normally involves testing fees payable to the laboratory conducting the tests and certification charges payable to the certifying body such as the Uzbek Agency for Technical Regulation.

  • HS code classification fees: If the import documents are missing HS codes or the HS codes assigned at the origin do not match with Uzbekistan Customs HS codes, then a paid expert conclusion from Uzbekexpertiza is required to determine applicable commodity codes

  • Customs inspection charges: Applicable only if your goods are inspected by the Customs

Customs requirements and fees may change over time, so it's crucial to stay informed of any updates or changes in Uzbekistan's customs procedures and fees. At Delta Global Solutions, our licensed customs brokers have the most accurate and up-to-date information on customs tariffs, duties, taxes and non-tariff charges in the country so we are able to accurately assess your customs clearance costs before you ship to Uzbekistan.

Why Delta Global Solutions for Customs Clearance


Delta Global Solutions is a freight forwarder providing customs clearance services in Uzbekistan for import, export, and transit shipments. Our licensed customs brokers have up-to-date knowledge of local customs regulations and hands-on expertise in clearing thousands of shipments annually. We understand the value of clear communication, transparency, and fast response throughout the entire customs clearance process.

By leveraging our market-leading customs clearance services in Uzbekistan, you will save time, ensure compliance, and improve your bottom line. We help you effortlessly navigate the complexities of customs clearance so you can focus on what matters for your business - growing and expanding internationally.

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