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Last Mile

Efficient last mile logistics

Last mile logistics is the most challenging phase in a shipment’s journey. Getting the final leg right is crucial to cutting shipping costs and reducing transit times. At Delta Global Solutions, we provide you with predictability and transparency in handling and shipping outside the main hubs. From customs clearance, door delivery, bonded trucking to cross-border deliveries or visibility reporting, our services are underpinned by our highly trained teams, standard operating procedures, communications protocols and reliable IT infrastructure.

Bonded Trucking

Our bonded trucking services support our DAP, DDU or DPU shipments, delivered by any mode of transport. Advance planning and meticulous operational control throughout the entire process means our customers can fully focus on their main business with complete peace of mind. Relying on our scheduling, document pre-alerts and clear communication at each stage, we ensure that no customer has to bear undue storage costs in transit or wait fees at destination.

Customs Clearance

Fast customs clearance and accurate document processing is key to reducing last mile costs and delivery times. Our customs clearance teams have the local knowledge and field expertise required to expedite your shipment through international borders. We closely collaborate with customs authorities, port authorities and government agencies at each location to ensure that your shipment is given the prompt attention it deserves.

Door Deliveries

Delivery to door is part of our last mile service, regardless of where in the supply chain your shipment is entrusted to us. From collecting at the destination hub or bonded warehouse up to the point of handover at your facility, our operations teams ensure a high level of visibility, providing regular movement reports and proof of delivery.

Visibility Reports

Outside the main carriage, shipments are often plagued with poor in-transit visibility. This is because there is no supply chain control tower which allows tracking your shipment outside the custody of the main carrier. Clear, timely communication and transparency throughout the entire process are the key components of our customer service at Delta Global Solutions. That is the reason our customers, among them some of the biggest airlines, rely on our expertise to manage their last mile.

Value for Money

We used the services of Delta Global Solutions for an urgent bonded delivery from Zaragoza to Lisbon for our VIP customer when an airline failed to provide a last mile solution. The level of service provided, fast response times, clarity on pricing, clear communication, proactive customer service, value for money offered will all make Delta Global Solutions a valuable associate in your supply chain management. We highly recommend their services for companies seeking efficient last mile deliveries or general forwarding services in Europe, Asia or anywhere in between.

A K M Aminullah

CEO, Karotoa Overseas (S) Pte. Ltd.

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