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Air Cargo Notes | 28 Dec 2023

Marketing Team

Welcome to this week's edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes, the first and only newsletter focusing on the latest news and insights into the dynamic air cargo market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. It's been another busy week with fleet expansion, new flight routes, and railway construction. Read on to find out more.

Air Cargo Trends

The Samarkand International Airport has become one of the top five largest air hubs in Europe (source)

In terms of passenger traffic growth rates, the Samarkand International Airport (SKD) has been recognized as one of the top five largest airports in Europe according to the European division of the Airports Council International

Samarkand Airport ranked 4th in the category of regional and small airports with a passenger flow demonstrating growth of 139% compared this year to October 2019


Polish Airlines to launch direct flights from Warsaw to Tashkent (source)

During the meeting of Uzbek diplomats with the President of LOT Polish Airlines, Michal Fijol, the airline announced its decision to launch direct passenger flights ex Warsaw to Tashkent in March 2024

Considering the high demand from April to June 2024, flights will be operated four times a week during this period of time


Silk Way West continues to expand its fleet (source)

The largest cargo airline in the CIS region, Silk Way West, started operating its flights using the second new wide-body Boeing 777F equipment

The annual cargo turnover of Silk Way West exceeds 500 thousand tons

Other News

Kazakhstan has begun construction of a new railway to China (source)

The government of Kazakhstan has started the construction of a two-track railway line Bakhty – Ayagoz with a length of 272 kilometers in the Abay region

It is expected that Bakhty – Ayagoz railway line will increase cargo turnover between Kazakhstan and China by 71.4% - from 28 million to 48 million tons per year


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Thank you for reading! We'll get back to you next Thursday with another edition of Uzbekistan Air Cargo Notes. If you missed a newsletter, check out the other editions of our newsletter

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